Emerge is a social innovation conference. But it’s not your average conference. It’s a place to get inspired, to meet the amazing people making a difference, and understand how you too can make the world a better place.

Here are our top 5 reasons to come to Emerge 2017 on 11-12 November.

1. So.Much. More.

An Inconvenieit Sequel

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power is the inaugral Emerge 2017 pre-conference screening. Showing on Friday, 10 November at 17:30.

Golly. Emerge, now its ninth year, has grown even bigger! With 20+ sessions, nearly 80 speakers, a debate, a pitch competition, and now 2 film screenings, we’re pretty sure you will find something that sparks your imagination and inspiration.

2. Learn skills to take positive action. Now!

Learning Skills at Emerge

We know that harnessing that energy is important for us to go out and make impact in the world. That’s why this year we’ve added “How to” sessions to our programme. From the political system to how to measure your social impact, learn the tools you need to drive positive change.

3. Meet those paving the way for positive change.

Meeting experts at Emerge

One of the great things about Emerge, is that it brings together a mix of leaders who are already creating positive change, and those who want to get involved.

By chatting to speakers after their sessions, meeting a soul-mate during the Speed Networking, or grabbing lunch with an expert at the Speaker Hosted Tables – Emerge is a great place for serendipitous collaborations.

4. Open a dialogue.

Having a dialogue at Emerge

Too often we can sit within eco-chambers – conversing with those who take the same view as us. Well no more! We are encouraging you to spark up some healthy debate with your fellow Emerge attendees to challenge our perceptions and take a rounded view.

During the Emerge Debate, we will be arguing the proposition “business is the best vehicle to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals”. Hear the arguments from experts, and have your say when the proposition is opened up to the floor!

In our final Sunday session, Red+Blue=Purple: a new kind of dialogue, learn how to have conversations with those who think differently to you. It’s a chance to step out of your comfort zone and learn how to find connections with your fellow humans.

5. Get a free cup!

Free Cups at Emerge!

source: Unsplash (Matt Hoffman)

We take sustainably seriously. So that’s why we have done away with plastic water bottles this year. To replace them, we are giving each attendee a free sustainable, reusable cup made of bamboo!