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Tribute to an unreasonable woman.

With one week to go, we are putting the finishing touches to what will be the 8th annual Emerge conference at Saïd Business School, the University of Oxford. I would like to say it will be our best yet, but firstly, that’s for you to decide, and secondly, it will be the first Emerge we’ll hold without its inspirational founder and late Director of the Skoll Centre, Pamela Hartigan, who will be especially missed during this weekend.

Thanks to Pamela, we bring together a community of changemakers each year in Oxford, each one wanting to use their unique skills and passions to make a difference.

Emerge was created to bring people together to learn about the pressing global challenges we face and how each of us can take action to make a positive impact on those challenges. Pamela was passionate about positive social change and she made it her life’s work to inspire and accelerate young innovators. Thanks to Pamela, we bring together a community of changemakers each year in Oxford, each one wanting to use their unique skills and passions to make a difference.
To celebrate her legacy, we will honour Pamela at this year’s Emerge with a tribute wall called “Thank you, Pamela” in the Entrance Hall. What are you grateful to Emerge and Pamela for? Perhaps you made some meaningful connections at Emerge, perhaps you learnt something new, or perhaps you are creating a shift in a critical social or environmental issue because of something that sparked from a session you attended in a previous year. Whatever you are grateful for, write your note and pin it to our “Thank you, Pamela” wall. Each note will be added to her book of condolence, which will be going to her family after the event.
Thanks to Pamela’s unreasonable passion and courage, we are very excited to present the Emerge Conference on 12 – 13 November. We’ll see you there!

How to get the best out of Emerge 2016

Emerge is energetic, dynamic, and jam-packed with sessions, workshops, lunchtime activities and more – not to mention the opportunity to connect with +500 impact leaders over the course of two-days!

So, how do you make the most of it?

If you have a ticket for the weekend or just Saturday or Sunday – here are our top-tips on getting the best out of Emerge 2016!

Before Emerge

Check it out! Read the programme. Find out who’s talking, and decide who you might want to try to meet.

You and your goals. What do you have to offer? What do you need to learn? Emerge is your oyster; to make the most of it come prepared with knowledge of yourself and what you need to make the next move on your impact journey.

During the Event

Arrive in time to have a coffee! Registration opens at 09:15 on Saturday and 09:30 on Sunday. Make sure to check in when you arrive. This is the optimal time to scout out the event before the sessions start, check out the marketplace stalls in the Entrance Hall, or network over a coffee from the Marquee.

Take note. Remember to bring a notebook, or whatever you need to capture your learnings, words of wisdom, and someone’s email address if they’ve run out of business cards!

Bring a bottle. Let’s face it; we all feel a slight bit of guilt when we buy water in a plastic bottle. We want to decrease the number of water bottles used this year to help reduce our environmental ‘footprint’, so we are only offering one bottle per person each day (plus hiring in reusable mugs). So if you have an eco-friendly re-usable water bottle, then bring it! We have a number of water stations at the event; it’s literally on-tap!

Get social. Remember to tweet your experience live during the event using #Emerge16! Share your bite-size insights, photos or shout outs and join the conversation.

Time out. If you need to take some time to get away from the hustle and bustle, retreat to our “Zen Zone” for some quiet time. And if it’s not just you that needs to recharge, then each of our Zen Zone pods also have plug sockets for your device.

Network. There are so many opportunities to network at Emerge. Whether it’s during coffee breaks, lunchtime sessions, the Collaboration Clothesline, or even our dedicated Speed Networking session on Saturday or Drinks Reception on Sunday, make sure you come armed with your elevator pitch and trusty business cards!

After the Event

Keep the fire burning. We hope you’ll leave Emerge feeling inspired and ready to set out on your impact endeavours, so don’t let this fire burnout! Follow up on the connections you made and carry on learning by attending more of the Skoll Centre’s events and talks throughout the academic year.

See you soon!