A series of highlights from Emerge 2015 by student bloggers from around the UK.

By Doctoral Researcher Theodor Cojoianu from the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford.

“Entrepreneurs are people who do mDoctoral Researcher at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford.ore than anyone thinks it is possible, with less than anyone thinks possible” are the words of John Doerr, which perfectly describe the 8 social entrepreneurs which the Emerge 2015 conference welcomed to pitch for consideration for investment from Mustard Seed. The judging panel was comprised of Henry Wigan and Alex Pitt, co-founders of Mustard Seed, Fran Perrin – founder of The Indigo Trust and Marc Zornes, co-founder of Winnow Solutions who is looking to cut food waste in restaurants in half.

So who are the entrepreneurs? While the below descriptions clearly do not make them justice, check out their websites to find out their latest news!

Accomable is the Airbnb for people with mobility difficulties. Srin Madipalli and Martyn Sibley set on the Accomable journey inspired by both their work with tourist boards in the UK and abroad, as well as the online magazine which the two founded in 2011 – Disability Horizons Group, which gathers over 40,000 regular readers.

ConnectMed looks to enrich and disrupt healthcare service in South Africa (where they are just starting) through connecting patients with expert doctors via online video & text based consultations.

HeadStart plans on revolutionizing student recruitment through an app which is matches company job description and skill requirements, with the candidate’s interest levels and qualification for the job. The edge of headstart is in its algorithm analyzing users’ behaviors and profiles to provide the match between opportunity and job seeker.

Libromat is addressing the educational challenges in the African continent through an innovative angle. Libromat recognized that hand-washing clothes is a tedious chore that consumes parents an immense amount of time, which could be spent otherwise assisting their children to learn and develop. Libromat offers an evidence-based training programme in early childhood education for parents and other carers in ‘dialogic picture book sharing’ with young children while they wait for their washing to be done.

Opan Material is a data platform for 3D printing materials. An potential enabler of the circular economy, they provide digital fabrication communities with tools to generate materials data locally and share it globally.

SimPrints is a nonprofit tech company committed to improving the lives of the poor. Accurately linking people to their digital records is a critical bottleneck in the delivery of mobile services in healthcare, microfinance, and aid distribution. They are currently building a mobile biometric scanner and open-source software to empower the mobile tools used by researchers, NGOs and governments around the world.

Workmatch addresses the inefficiencies in finding short-term, temporary and part-time jobs. end-to-end solution that is specifically designed to handle every stage of the employer-employee relationship. From profile creation and job and candidate matching through hiring, secure payment and ratings, their seamless marketplace app makes the short term, part time and shift work market more efficient and gets it working for the people in it.

Work4Good seeks to provide employment opportunities for refugees. More details about their plans to follow! Meanwhile – sign up to their facebook page.

After a full day of pitches, with much anticipation, the winners were announced. Many congratulations to Libromat and Accomable who won the heart of both judges and the audience. For all of us there, it was simply inspiring to watch and speak to these amazing entrepreneurs who are addressing today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. We wish all every success in your journey to building successful companies!