Portfolio: Saturday

Alexander Asen

Alex is a communications expert for the UN Convention to Combat Desertification and leads the Great Green Wall public awareness campaign.

He is the executive producer of the award winning VR film, Growing a World Wonder, which premiered to world leaders at the Paris Climate Conference, leading to USD 4 billion pledges for the Great Green Wall over the next 5 years.

He is currently producing a forthcoming documentary about the project with Malian singer Inna Modja, and Oscar-nominated filmmaker Fernando Meirelles.



Aaron Bartnick

Aaron’s work aims to address issues of political and economic agency in the United States and around the world. Prior to arriving at Oxford, Aaron served as a fellow at the American University of Iraq in Sulaimani, where he led several initiatives to improve Iraq’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Aaron previously served as COO of The OpenGov Foundation, a DC-based non-profit working to bring private sector technology and innovation to public institutions. Prior to joining OpenGov, he served as a senior advisor to U.S. Congressman Seth Moulton.

Aaron holds a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University, and is studying at Oxford Saïd as a Skoll Scholar.


Pip Wheaton

Pip is the UK Director of Ashoka. Australian by birth, she has spent most of her career in South Africa where she founded a youth development organisation, enke: Make Your Mark. In early 2015, after six years as enke’s CEO, she handed over the reins to study an MBA at Saïd Business School. In addition, she has consulted on innovative finance at the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship; mapped the entrepreneurial support landscape across Africa for the Australian Government; and facilitated strategy development for several organisations. For her work she’s been awarded a Skoll Scholarship, an Ashoka Fellowship, and she was a World Economic Forum Global Shaper.

Nazia Ali

Nazia manages a range of initiatives at the Skoll Centre, aimed at equipping high potential individuals for careers with positive impact. Her mission is to ensure that graduate students who are committed to solving social or environmental problems are equipped to do so through leadership development and exposure to pioneering thinking on contemporary themes.

Prior to joining Skoll, she worked in social entrepreneurship, enterprise development, and strategic partnerships. Nazia created a range of immersive learning programmes for social entrepreneurs and worked with founders to scale and grow high potential social impact organisations. She was involved in developing an ecosystem of social enterprise support with key stakeholders across north east England.

Michael Plant

Michael Plant is doing a DPhil in Moral Philosophy at the University of Oxford, where he researches the most effective ways for individuals and governments to increase world happiness.

Recently, Michael has featured on BBC1’s The Big Questions, BBC Radio Oxford, talkRadio, and the University of Oxford’s “How to Live a Happy Life” series. He’s written for the New Statesman and the Huffington post and is currently helping Peter Singer write a book on population.

He blogs occasionally on plantinghappiness.co.uk when he wants to share his poorly formed thoughts with the world.


Anthony Painter

Anthony Painter leads the award winning Action and Research Centre at the Royal Society of Arts, and its three teams focusing on economy, education, public services, and communities.

His own research focuses on a range of policy issues including the impact of new technology on the economy and society and institutional change.

He is author of three books, most recently ‘Left without a future? Social Justice in anxious times’ and a number of high impact policy and research reports such as “Creative citizen, creative state: the principled and pragmatic case for a Universal Basic Income”.


Stephen Robert Morse

Stephen Robert Morse is a 2017 Primetime Emmy nominated producer for his work on the documentary AMANDA KNOX that he sold to Netflix. He co-founded OBSERVATORY with Skoll Scholar, Maria Springer to bring lean production methodologies to filmmaking. Stephen has an MBA from the University of Oxford and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.


Becky Richeson

Becky Richeson

Becky Richeson is a systems thinker and do-er. She helps people across Omidyar Group organizations make sense of complex adaptive systems and find ways to leverage energy in the systems to drive impact. She also develops materials and programmes designed to increase the systems thinking capacity of teams. She dove into systems thinking after doing community-based work and realizing that just getting more funding and working even longer hours wasn’t going to result in the sustainable impact she desired. Becky earned a Master’s degree in Sustainable Peacebuilding from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a BA in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.




Nikhil Dugal

Nikhil Dugal is a social entrepreneur with an interest in sustainability and economic development. Nikhil co-founded Aadhan, a social enterprise that makes eco-friendly infrastructure in India. Aadhan recycles old shipping containers along with other environmentally friendly input materials into eco-friendly buildings, emphasising a culture of sustainability. Nikhil is currently pursuing an MBA at the Saïd Business School as a Skoll Scholar. Previously, he has worked in the US, Ghana, and India in the related fields of public policy, microfinance, and impact evaluation. He has published research on macroeconomics, microfinance, as well as impact evaluation.


Megan Karlshoej Pedersen

Megan Karlshoej-Pedersen

Megan is a social entrepreneur with a passion for supporting forced migrants and challenging negative narratives surrounding refugees. She is a co-founder and director at The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network (TERN). TERN supports refugees in the UK to start their own businesses, to ensure that entrepreneurial individuals may utilise their professional experiences, while actively contributing to their local communities. Megan has previously worked with the TK Foundation, where she focused on international development, and volunteered with Refugee Action as a political researcher. Megan is currently undertaking an MSc in Conflict Studies at LSE.