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  • 09:15 – 10:00 Registration & Networking
    10:00 – 10:10

    Welcome to Emerge

    Peter Tufano, Peter Moores Dean, Saïd Business School

    10:10 – 10:30

    Opening Plenary

    John Elkington, Volans

    10:45 – 12:00

    Core sessions


    Re-booting Business for the 21st Century
    Is profit with purpose the new business as usual? Is a focus on social and environmental impact truly becoming embedded in corporate operations at a broad scale? Or have we simply found new terms for traditional corporate social responsibility activity? Explore these questions from the perspective of leaders in corporate sustainability, and pioneers of the responsible business movement worldwide.

    Yassine El Ouarzazi, Mars Catalyst
    Charmian Love, B Lab UK
    Jeff Turner, Royal DSM

    Discussion catalyst:
    Colin Mayer, Saïd Business School



    Privacy & Reputation in an Age of Big Data
    Talk of ‘big data’ leads quickly to debates on whether easy access to our personal information is justifiable in pursuit of the greater good, or if the risk of exploitation of individuals’ information is too great. However, new social innovators have emerged who seek to use data to actively create positive change, for example, to build trust in the sharing economy and improve the delivery of basic services to those who need them the most. This session will evaluate the challenges of the data economy as well as the potential for social progress it has created.

    Juan Cartagena, Traity
    Husayn Kassai, Onfido
    Sebastian Manhart, Simprints

    Discussion catalyst:
    Emily Kasriel, BBC



    Using Social Impact Media to Alleviate Conflict
    We all know that more than ever before, the media plays a role in shaping our opinion, connecting us, and making us aware of what’s happening in our world.  But can it also be a force for good? This session will dive deep into how social impact media can be used to promote peacebuilding in conflict areas around the globe.

    Jem Thomas, Albany Associates



    Exploring and Prototyping Leadership in the 21st Century
    Explore the concept of leadership in the 21st Century in this informal, interactive and collaborative workshop. You’ll have the chance to discover more about what effective leadership in the 21st Century looks like, whilst exploring your own leadership style. Then, go on to prototype new ways of exercising your leadership muscle by exploring solutions that make the most of your unique potential.

    Alessia Cervone, euforia
    Malika Dreyfuss, euforia


    12:00 – 13:15

    Lunchtime Activities & Networking

    13:15 – 14:30

    Core Sessions


    The Rise of the “Intrapreneur”
    A social entrepreneur is someone who combines innovation, resourcefulness, and opportunity to address critical social and environmental challenges. It follows, then, that social entrepreneurship is an approach that can be deployed by leaders within existing organisations – no matter the sector. What challenges do these “intrapreneurs” face, and what gains can be made by leveraging the resources of an existing organisation to create positive change? This conversation will aim to answer these questions by uncovering stories from thought leaders and practitioners in “intrapreneurship”.

    Robert Boer,  UBS
    Tom Manuel, Barclays
    Milan Samani, TIL Ventures

    Discussion catalyst:
    Henry Gonzalez, responsAbility Investments AG



    Have Today’s Youth Lost Faith in Government?
    2016 will go down in history as a year of political disruption in economies around the world, and young people’s futures will be most impacted by these changes. Do millennials recognise and engage with their power to shape their country’s political future?  This session will examine the sentiment of young voters, what they will demand from their leaders in the years ahead, and how they are taking action (or choosing not to).

    Zahra Latif, Department for Culture, Media and Sport
    Samira Musa, Bite the Ballot
    Dr. Kate Orkin, University of Oxford

    Discussion catalyst:
    Alexandra Meagher,  Government Inclusive Economy Unit



    Using the Impact Gaps Canvas
    Many of us are familiar with the business model canvas – a first point of call when you have an idea for a new venture to solve a problem. However, the importance of taking time to analyse the ecosystem in which that problem exists is often ignored. If you haven’t lived a social or environmental problem yourself, the impact gaps canvas can be used to understand the challenge, and the solutions that have sprung up to address it.  Only then can you determine where you are best positioned to make real change. Come along to this masterclass to learn how to apply this tool to your work.

    Daniela Papi-Thornton, Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship
    Andrea Warriner, Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship



    Doing Well, Doing Good, and at Scale?
    How can big business take greater responsibility for its social and environmental impacts? Will ‘core’ business behaviour ever change? This workshop will explore practical examples of a large multinational corporation’s attempt to change business functioning from within. In groups, you will be asked to design a social business pilot using some of the approaches developed by Mars Catalyst.

    Alastair Colin-Jones, Mars Catalyst
    Yassine El Ouarzazi, Mars Catalyst

    14:50 – 16:05

    Core Sessions


    One Year On: Revisiting the Refugee Crisis
    Last year at Emerge we looked closely at the refugee crisis.  In this conversation we’ll explore the current state of affairs, shine a spotlight on innovative solutions that have emerged, and understand what thought leaders believe must be done if we are to successfully address one of the biggest challenges of our time.

    Alex Betts, University of Oxford
    Baljeet Sandhu, Migrant & Refugee Children’s Legal Unit (MiCLU), Islington Law Centre
    Ola Suliman, Mayday Rescue

    Discussion catalyst:
    Daniela Papi-Thornton, Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship



    The Circular Economy
    Can we build a restorative economy?  Today’s traditional economies are putting a huge drain on our planet by producing cheap goods that are used once and then thrown away.  This conversation will explore how circular economies can help us preserve natural capital, optimise resource yields, and foster system effectiveness, which means reducing waste and ingraining resilience in our world’s systems.

    Kristie McIntyre, HP Inc
    Joe Murphy, Ellen MacArthur Foundation
    Will Schreiber, 3Keel LLP

    Discussion catalyst:
    Kresse Wesling MBE, Elvis and Kresse



    Debunking Myths: Our World in Data
    News coverage often leads us to believe we aren’t doing a great job of combating the major challenges to global development. However, we hear a lot about the great work of development agencies and other social innovators around the world too. So are livelihoods around the world improving or worsening? In this masterclass, we’ll dive deep into what the data is really saying about living conditions around the globe, what drives the changes we see and what the consequences of these changes are.

    Max Roser, University of Oxford



    Changing our Broken Food System
    Food security, climate change and dietary health are global challenges that affect populations around the world in unique but interconnected ways. In this interactive session, we will explore which elements of global food systems require urgent attention from business, civil society organisations, science, and policy makers. How do we bring these players together to shift the equilibrium, and where are the opportunities to make the biggest impact within planetary boundaries in terms of creating a healthy, enjoyable diet for all?

    Fokko Wientjes, Royal DSM

    16:20 – 17:50 Emerge Debate

    “This House believes government involvement constrains social innovation”

    For the Proposition:

    • Allegra Day, Saïd Business School
    • Shelly Batra, Operation ASHA
    • Julian Coyne, Unified Systems


    Against the Proposition:

    • Colleen Ebbitt, Government Inclusive Economy Unit
    • Liam Black, Wavelength
    • Kieron Boyle, Guy’ s and St. Thomas’ Charities
    18:30 – 21000

    Dinner at Crisis Café

    (you must have pre-purchased a ticket to attend, the dinner is not included in the conference ticket)

    20:00 – late

    Emerge Spotlight: Evening Entertainment at Crisis Café

    Hosted by Kristina Partsinevelos, Saïd Business School

    After dinner join us for the Emerge Spotlight entertainment night. We’ll be hosting a line-up of weird and wonderful acts by Emerge participants for what is guaranteed to be an unforgettable evening!

    This event is free to all Emerge delegates, but due to the small, intimate venue, the seats will fill up quick – be sure to arrive on time.

  • 09:30 – 10:15 Registration & Networking & Coffee
    10:15 – 11:45 Mustard Seed Competition

    Join us for one of Emerge’s best loved features – the annual Mustard Seed pitching competition. Social enterprises will pitch for the opportunity of further support from Mustard Seed and exposure to its network of angel investors. You’ll get to vote alongside the judges, so don’t miss the action!

    Judging panel:

    Tessa Cook, OLIO – The Food Sharing Revolution
    Alex Pitt, Mustard Seed

    Hosted by:
    Andrea Warriner, Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship

    12:00 – 12:30

    Keynote Paul Lindley, Ella’s Kitchen

    12:30 – 13:45

    Lunch & Networking Activities

    13:45 – 15:00

    Core Sessions


    The Fintech Revolution
    Fintech investment volumes in the UK grew by 170% to $1.1bn in 2015 – with US deals already totalling $7.8bn. The Fintech Revolution isn’t coming – it’s here. Join founders and thought leaders within this rapidly growing field to understand whether banks in our pockets will be the new normal, whether traditional financial institutions should fear permanent disruption, and what good such innovation can bring to consumers.

    Adam Robinson, Seedrs
    Dennis Whittle, Feedback Labs
    Misa Zivic, LeanPay

    Discussion Catalyst:
    Nir Vulkan, Saïd Business School



    The Art and Science of Building Great Teams
    Team culture is slow and difficult to build – yet easy to destroy. Leaders must carefully recruit and keep talented individuals and combine their skills to build high performing teams, in order to ensure ongoing competitiveness. In this session, executive coaching, sporting and spiritual thought leaders will uncover the critical ingredients for building wholes that are greater than the sum of their parts in order to achieve ambitious goals.

    Naftali Brawer, Spiritual Capital Foundation
    Jude Elliman, Listening Partnership Ltd
    Tim Foster, Foster Development

    Discussion catalyst:
    Jessica Pryce-Jones, iOpener Institute



    Debunking the Importance of “Innovation”
    Why and how do social enterprises innovate, and what are the consequences of this innovation? When is innovation most risky for organisations, and which cultural and structural idiosyncrasies make innovation most difficult? In this masterclass, Christian Seelos will explore how we build a critical but constructive perspective on the role and potential of innovation in social sector organisations, and share insights from his forthcoming book “Innovation and Scaling for Impact: How effective social enterprises do it”.

    Christian Seelos, Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship Academic Visitor



    Systems Change: How Can I contribute?
    New markets don’t form by mistake in any sector or industry – and when it comes to social innovation, the same is true. New markets and significant systemic changes are created by purposeful actors gathering around a mutually beneficial goal. Marc will discuss the circumstances in which new markets form in the impact economy, how political, economic and sociological factors affect this, and how you can position yourself as an influencer in a nascent market.

    Marc Ventresca, Saïd Business School

    15:20 – 16:35

    Core Sessions


    The Mindfulness Trend
    Mindfulness practices have moved from exercise and coaching sessions to the boardroom – to the delight of many and the scepticism of some. What is all the hype about, and what benefit can mindfulness bring to those who seek to use their careers to create positive social and environmental change?

    Jeremy HowickUniversity of Oxford
    Zahra Latif, Department for Culture, Media and Sport
    Richard Reoch, Shambhala

    Discussion Catalyst:
    Sophie Maclaren, Kalapa Leadership Academy



    Mobilising Mobile Health Technologies
    Mobile technology can be deployed to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of health service delivery to those who need it most. From sharing information, to monitoring adherence to treatment, to collecting critical risk data, social innovators around the world are capturing the value of technology to improve public health outcomes. Join this session to learn from those working at the cutting edge of the mHealth movement.

    Ahmed Abu Bakr, Jeeon
    Shelly Batra, Operation ASHA
    Will de Klerk, MicroEnsure

    Discussion Catalyst:
    Peter Benjamin, HealthEnabled



    How to Fail at Venturing
    Success is overrated, so why not come and learn how to fail? In this masterclass we’ll look at high profile failures from big corporate brands to less well-known failed ventures and social enterprises. Come along to learn all the ways a venture can fail, and hopefully prevent it from happening to you!

    Charlie Curtis, TIL Ventures



    Frugal Innovation & Design in Healthcare
    A lack of resources does not result in a lack of innovation – often, the opposite is true. In this workshop we’ll explore frugal innovation from the perspective of social entrepreneurs and show the critical role design has in delivering objectives of inclusive, affordable, and accessible healthcare.

    Yasser Bhatti, Imperial College London
    Jacqueline del Castillo, Imperial College London

    16:45 – 17:15 Closing Plenary

    Lily Lapenna, MyBnk

    17:15 – 18:00 Optional Networking Drinks